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Upward Sports Ministry is a recreational athletic program that is founded in Christian principles and aims to foster children’s athletic and spiritual growth. Here’s a brief description of the ministry, straight from 
Established in 1995, Upward Sports is the world’s largest Christian youth sports provider. Upward Sports is the only organization that offers the 
a uniquely designed total sports experience that adapts and expands as players grow in their personal athletic journeys. The 360 Progression develops total athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially – producing players who excel both on and off the field. 
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Meade County Upward Basketball/Cheerleading
Basketball: Boys and Girls – Grades 1-6 / Cheerleading:  Girls – K-Grade 6


Practices Begin on November 27
[no practices December 18 – January 4]
Click here to download a  Alpha List of participants
by Last Name with coach and team name/practice time.
All Cheerleaders practice on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.
Games are played on Saturdays, January 13 – March 3
[Make-Up Games on March 10, if needed]
Closing Celebration, March 11, 2:00 p.m.

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Questions? Contact us at meadecountyupwardsports@yahoo.com